Monday, March 12, 2012

poem || John M. Bennett

Sole Dadas chunk 19
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

Premium’s lost honor crawls, and of ortho cuadrants
signs the seives’ glorious ram,
cons cake’s seen pustule’s terminal on the lunch.
The dust parts rays of theater’s
Sole, the wandered arrogant jovial llama’s
     all expedited salt
and the barber’s cornea, caked low escutcheon.
Arrest dull animate defiling
of a pardoned grabber foiled in the verdant soil,
to quim sea’s abated ouch or desk’s suburban
mountains, crawled sole of the halted
kale, turban of invidious avenues
to the oils of Ascalapho, vestal
glove’s perished plums.  Keen, of grave
pedals the durable mains impeded,
sub agility ponders; quim’s sushed nerve
disaster’s streaming dose and gallstone.
Pester the ray, plus, the pie deknuckled
dulls sweater’s moth, and with airy foil
pisses the vent’s low cave and dull hair:
trees’ vases occupy puddled hung dentists.
Admiration, vested on marble fryers,
opined orchid’s lost sealed puds;
emulation, calcified in one durable heel,
trope’s sea arraigned, bean cake’s impulse noble
hung gloria, junky villain, and solicits
a vacuum of quarreling mountains, gross,
     membered, fort’s rubble,
which, agile as a peasant’s low robustness,
through all air arrives, violent aiming of’s
low grave’s tongue, which low precipitation,
Icharus’ mountain, sore miserable pest,
of the minor herb the bland scene
peeled’s durable hatchets of sodden ruin.


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