Saturday, March 24, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

A preponderance of sang-froid pandered to its inner ruse. Can you
hear me now? A rich old tirade made the cut and moved on to the
final foray. Now and at the hour of our earnestness, you send up a
business plan for "Pie R Squared," to taunt taste (buds) seeking
own(ed) beneficence. When she was young, she tried to seem
a smidge lonely so the greek god type would lastingly approach.
Encroaching turned out to be her hobby. Neighbors wore their
indicators blinkety, and shrill tones rubbed her the wrong weigh
station. Commas fell into a pool treated as mind-child-of-the-
sacred-sperm-trust. Wait until you hear a breath mark, then
leap into the conversation where you won't be stopped, declared
the parent, full of envy. Be brutal to competitors who don't yet
know your name. And thus a simple Saturday went on beyond
itself. The rush of color spattered the page with 13 of the retired
colors once included in an early box of 64 crayolas.
Puppy lovelet, "in a minute, honey," charm school, elocution,
intermittent intermittency
Sheila E. Murphy

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