Monday, March 5, 2012

2 poems || Peter Ganick

cluster-ontic song.

an implication rehearses
demiurges salient &
coxswain to the voiceover—

xtra-market invents rills—
acidfree onticity has a
remote code—each qualification
is more thought of
either wideness—
the demotion’s weaving—

eventuality operates reluge—
a platoon of vocality
rezones gambit’s ocurrence—

closer then closed—
therein’s as reference took reference
to seize lassos returning
a dint of paradox—

coldplay of ingredent
recurring storied gem—

indelible throughfare
that implication of fact as
so illusory—blank notifications
where is partook
soldering from venue

those derived & milled & precise—
stricken & strafed & engulfed
the easel calls attention topically—

we woke thusly as a preterate glow
knit foci—the chimneysweep
greets additive wanderera stampeding
through resilience to and from
precise grapplng
largely promotion of allianc—
tout no
solar box housecall
the resonance wherever in contrast—

is demure and ontic the flood-lit
arena’s parsecs lipsynch howevers—
no impediment accesses fluidity
whoever the clause pebbles—

rummaging around seizes enough
sending—an elapsed nescience
devolves without attritional

involution emerges flaxen—
the standpoint emotional & framing—

as facsimile.

so cufflinks detail curry facsimile
predators—comparable though
isness at oeuvre—the
midstream peppered
wherein valences delay
parochial consent—
front grommet
as aptitude a mistle-toed bromide—
some sequel
delightfully rends silence its incurable
signature—clean symmetry—
apodictic vellum to the secondary
passive otherwise—

implications feint an alternate substrate
enfolds attitude—

return silt negotiates solar paints
overhaul indebted to limitation—

agreeably thorough—preamble
to varsity narrows multiplicity—
varies no cloud presume
contrast as versus ingredient’s
amnoitic diffusion—tokens where
actuality reveals a delphic contract—

immerse ovals neither also nor initial
conehead—fluster in naivete because
atrophy is genesis’s mounting
selfless selfish—wave a thousand flags—

compulsion to oeuvre is eggshell reaches
happiness waving to a soapbox—

the gullible arena once rulership
advances iterations—
retention of thinking the café-cafeteria sizing pareil—

rapport unclear to seekers
a debonair sniffle at least
the evolutions of
emptiness in vowel consequences—

we skank no liege
allargando or piecemeal
nor improbability—assuming grilled
fieldings no entitlement of notions—

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