Monday, March 12, 2012

text || Daniel Y. Harris


salvaged from sediment nostalgia seeking our identity in those
who remind mentor threshes a clearing for jurant immediacy
of hubris self referential act of sluicing a deeper and more
resolute subjectivity it is through the clearing of the crass name
of ego dissolves some neonatal utterance that antedates word
conduits undrapes openings to serve those who reach bondage
of heart vigilance tenacity forswears every attempt to defend
or justify the tradition by appeal to various blue bogus canons
sacrality is melted into nonduality one merges or one recoils
the recoiler burns to dross left naked spinning in the void
the rub devotees possess a rarefied form of poesis second
order burden sculpts the key divinity wraith in the eyes of a
ghostseer proffers a grammatical lattice of tropes animates
and courses through the ether of megabytes delphic not brute
bold nor brave cleaving distraction like a nineteenth century
concoction of laudanum and wormwood drunk by a countess
with long white gloves hysteria roughs obliquity at this point
from the suzerains of velocity a spate of new eroticisms quell
the restless appetite for self hollow in spits of glitter and low
grade ore as sulfur quivers in a host of shakes and quivers
spread by mimesis and elision to stand for gross effigy and
simulacrum gross as eidos the image as icon to the pulpit
of simulated doggerel clad in robes paladins shun to meld
into an alloy of para and doxa lending anti its base crux

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