Tuesday, March 13, 2012

POME || Billy Bob Beamer

POME from ‘nagle’
beginning word stung drang that marful ames  lookindle triffet
becausal  ‘shareatchat goick’ onfomibible threadbracing liftstoo
bea came toomuch thoughtful evidentiary flagoon droit anderfel
then shulreamamble fort sights nightlaeken red country might be
orgiveor bird songs softsplitting the yellowblue red eve mountain
coilsbitch treetents halta steethbonnet sorely neededizzymosquite
flailing lights  ellon thief sa ido whounglarget hernot shaddoalt
nightlaeken liken totome hath eseal lift houghtfulgo ickly otrenen
bottlefoffle  jokes grottoes outlaid forwast benign nightflakes  as uffers
all devicesplay lists gigs absorb curious helpland likenfileshingles torren
words that marful amesa  stun drang beginning balsing duce pointe folsch
giveor bird songs orlectric sounds unlight sneaks  bottles rouring about all...

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