Sunday, March 4, 2012

3 poems || John M, Bennett


)))sweet thunder((( dope thread
towel mud coated bore I shout
my cough down || forked my face
off the Shirtless Wone ))nap(( kin
and finger dust your bull trouble
.ay mortar lock the runny ≈ cave be
neath the mountain where my
lingkered steps retreat return re
coil inside a cougough chock
lull and stri dent ifrice slit
hers down my arm my elbow SS S S
“dripping in the silent room” ,hu
ndido es ,es tronado es tornudo
y mi locus ameno on the
mmudd “beneath the bosta tree”


my denk last was ,a clot l a ,no
ose ö thin folder in the oldest dra
wer the snow ; ; ; drifts in my
,joint compound the ,swallowed
c // / racks named like gristle
out the suit ,flushed≈ again
)your ankles drown ,my
chewed shirt wad beneath the
bed ╤╤ ended( form I was
gnawing ,on her leg ,a gate
rippled stung bag Ʊ a mot
h ,wallet wit my spotty runs
o mutiny proud the scun
tape ah wafter storm !~~ ~
P row in the waves >≈≈ plun
ge un der mal ,of the faucet ⌐≈
,paged and ≈ ≈ wet gowns


creaming an sprawling ,isolation
paw ,flamífero y ,leans
on craw hibernation crow
indáctil shouldered like a
shapely turd my door )s
loppy wood if( wood were
water and my theme st
raw immolation colder ‘n
yr gaping “word” ~ a
hole beside O the storm
.draw there ,a clocked
lisper dies de formed
and socks the footy
world ~ oh walk an
grunt run and file
describe the glance and
dis appea


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