Wednesday, March 14, 2012

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

moving out of body
river: dark driver.  better [s]eat b[l]ack.  demo be quiet.    get us
out.  safety  []falling  []filling  back  from.  draw  out.  lit tle heart
planet bags.    wineglass margin inflation
nest plumes run forgery mi] [nute doggies gold ranger plum  hanged  man
resting. quasi-religion. small helicopters circe. spindry. nowhere [flat [fiat
meanings  warnings.   plumbing   seedless  prism
drak  plank woton  garbled.  lowly dance spices  forward.  alchemical garden.  lips
till wings.  communicating candle.   zipperless pants.    oozing desk  particles   waves
waning meanings.   spinless  margins  heart to cell

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