Wednesday, March 14, 2012

text || Daniel Y. Harris


ultimacy is hagiographic clad in robes and icons celebrates
the rapture celestial mechanics this reach in awe of grand
masters of a host become exemplar human eye godheads in 
tenuous posterity of a catalyst with a limited output this quid
metaleptic symbol and allegory in so doing if this appraisal
bears the verity of an annoying ganglion bestowed with a red
carapace of holy writ and crude idols outside the grid of agon
dress the evanescent opaque sea rock on a barren rock cliff
grade of acuity one trillionth of a second after the implosion
bristles with ambiguities and conceptual muddles whips the
scatotheological drag of a renaissance faire drop out with lip
nails and leather thong torn between basalt and hyperlink
angel and archon in the tonal splendor of dread chiaroscuro
to conflate a tensive unity as hermetic chat room surrogate
and etiology of daily routine so drab as to include a time
to clip nose hair skirts a clear third scenario the second
ignored calibrated and codified to copycat the thin brain
of our hominid ancestor pituitary gland marked lascaux
the internet domain and its terminus as blight and litter
assemblage to closure and linger like a pandemic darts
the gunned down cliché of outsiders roughing periphery
of smoke and mirrors the illuminati spanking initiates
in sacral zones unstinting the plaudits of trade in data
dead foraging and acid reflux stomach low misère

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