Thursday, April 26, 2012

two poems || Peter Ganick

some coalition.

recurs each networking laissez faire
cohere ghosts denuded parse took
sentences thereof canceled ironclad
throughput the raison d'etre similar
pretense corrected forcefully---

typical memory snapped energetically
the remembrance offering slackness
one starring occasion that reopens
delayed from ascent opaquely
motto scientism valedictory---

constancy illuminated at night
redirect on seismic operations
a commonality wherehow inverts
amalgams more futurist leaning---

acadame travels hidden redux than
an apportisement wanes durably
coated each spatial incident--
another recording savors details
denoting baron snippets
one salvo than the servatron overcast---

stet to the random condition--
somewhere on float either sandbar
calling occasion rendezvous thoughtful
recidivist numeral special congeries--

laboring etiquette as summarization
forming queues those stolid partitions
amassed through sublation from than
as residue--footfalls winding stellate
through senescent aimlessness---

contact willingly persist--energy opened
grommets wallflower nevertheless
sturgeon middle-class torque
than thereins reduce awareness
to pinpoint accuracy delayed nor fastened---


awareness contingency.

got trailings from epater les bourgeoise--
the dance and adance coefficients emerge
nacre outer hospitality brushes deluges
from haeccity somewhere in space--

tilt certes--as a locution thereintofore
scrutable the opaque than enlists--

the grit offering cadres luminescence
trash vetoed whittling stones
with icicles--a capture to select---

where and how is unknown formatting
suchness recently iffifies concentric
amounts deploying scenarios ludically
opaque--a child insequent storm-fed
amidst a burly hammerklavier--

wouldnt intention sober the dacha
immersing cogency tallus an email
outward thoughtful
jitney opaque so aware to sleep
to dream to dream that is the question---


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