Monday, April 9, 2012

poem || John M. Bennett

Sole Dadas chunk 24
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades, 1614

The scolds of sol arrayed, wandered
     with reamers gemmy doors
where those puds appeared past scores,
nuts all mirrored, of candy, frying.
Riesling in the butts, no, mass bland’s
the verdant rubber, which embarqued is whored,
     and salutes the vile Aurora,
who’s one in all dulcet cages, and not puking,
Hondas endured, and liquid rocks.
Signs mute the dulcet voice of dollars
     permitting solvents in
all the turbans, which dare question voices
of she who anchors the fecund hay,
pissing the crystal fool with pie’s velocity,
salad’s improv, the under and over played
the Republicans detested, unstable plunder.
     The prow diligent ah
nor soiled the digestive opposites drilling,
mass reductions of the music’s barking,
which in closed curves dulls mirror’s stalled briefs,
shushed plumbers’ graves, shushed the porches’ leaves.
The scenes occupied the dull mayor’s lain
     maritime troop,
     usual all enter, toads,
squatting, unless seen courtesy’s mode
of languid dull acqua, rude scores
cum nostril’s forest, in which the poop’s
dull corner’s scolded bagel began.
Crawled, the undies scarce, foiled;
east, with perished moviment,
the mirror encounters, coiled in spume cane
     sub pardner’s gruel prow,
     resplendent coiled
hatchet of august’s coy perusal,
and quim hill’s sure tribute centered
     with pearls of’s cod-like hour.

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