Saturday, April 14, 2012

poem || Ross Brodie

My Exercise Program

Organic metal flexes,  contortion eradication, steroid pumped, juice blasted, powerful promotion protein, harder, faster. Flowers sparkle, natural organic products fulfilled, excited. Investigate datasheets and magazines, compile techniques for extreme, extraneous performance, driven bench press, locker room door slam, car keep turning, drive out, avoid fast food, straight to the juice bar, liquid nutrients. Terabytes of muscle power, college in & out, snap mega dance loaded into cycling anabolic evil. Entrapment car parks, brown paper bag, shady deals and midnight conclusions. Find electronic and physiological edges, investigate research, technical details and scientific extrapolation. Tear wound injury and recover, try hard, make best to sleep and rest but work and push, sweat, cry metabolic phantasm. Comic gestures of jolly dark inmates, make plays, bottoms firm, round, peachy, towels leave marks, succulent, the needle marks. Loaded on recoil, zoom, pump out speed, velocity, humans become projectiles, become weapons.

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