Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2 poems || A. J. Kaufmann


girl is the memory
flowing spacious
tread disturbed
my fallen one

commotion not called
smooth centered difference
leaden boots
violent sun

jarring, wrought warm
weeks on the moon
country & western seconds
delightful Edith returned

she meditates you
begging, returning vision
bell tap fire
rented to magnificence

infuriate witty object
candle or a room
delicate night
different, wildly, smoke

the vast you
ever changing forms
bark, just short moments
blackened winter


taken in
brim soft
sky's flesh falls off
wide and rich
arisen against the stillness
behold the moment
write nothing
shut behind strangest eyes
side-door opened, great, hands and heart
handkerchief words
your laughter
rushed standing ajar
animal style
jackals pale
drawing the moonlight
distant beautiful fill
fearful chains
melancholy fire
tenderness trembled
tyranny in strange sorry blue

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