Wednesday, April 25, 2012

poems || John M. Bennett

pac ha

ree am c lot h int
imate ,if leaking ,gro
cery bag the ,slimy
man goes gle am be
n eat h the fauce t
f all my face the
s ink you get it  ?ra
w angle lurk yr cel
ery b urns be fore s
uch wind ow bus
y c ream  !my w all
th ickens  ]]mild ew
,the fadi ng br ick[[
where I loomed inside
the shutter and the c
licking ter mite spelled
my tes tive pat h
corónica ,drippings w
rapped an st reaming
on the peak

hu ll

ax the shorter leg gate
tepid string winding through
the crow d amp b rea th
st rung my c raze f lag
end os copic  ))shadow((
outhaled the x chlam y
día fórmico de hor
migas el a cido orondo
,mili pédico ,fangromántico
an thum bless ,where the
hinges stream  )the scat
tered sky ‘ ‘  ‘   ‘    ‘     ‘      ‘       ‘

bested hug an nadafocante
))fly yr shirt
)))dusty seems


mil pa

dringk the rat the chlowder
day bort er maze or
maize yr maízy mu
teness sleeped inside
the dingle mot ,h ,ot
her all was ,indyclept
,sh aped the f loppy gl
ass c-clamp on my he
ad that razorblade be
tween my toes that
hammer in my back
spoke ot ro dent
)spoke the rotting clam
))and walked out from the
st st st st st st st st st st st st   alks

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