Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2 poems|| David Jalajel


two in the afternoon illuminates and
infuses the plain colour scheme of dead
washed-out tones that even more dissolve 
clearly the use narration serves the setting
lets you add in black and dusty hues
and other fillers closely working with
our clients to develop content high
in colour photographs you can imagine
courteous turns around the park and move
your fingers through the tape records a common
sense of the cinematic finds you sorting
through cards explaining what we hoped to call
after a sympathetic interview
you’re hired to host an early afternoon


remaining famous simply serves the purpose
of agricultural inventiveness
pushing the spinoff merchandise a wider
range of reviewers trying to discover
devices for engaging a clean start
a school for blind commodities directs
machines to little known for fact is at
an early age the coupons in his sister’s   
newsletter blogs for churches where she keeps
her hair tied back in buns with holding savings
plan the burger sales achieve these one
off donations by divesting shares
with the third party we reserve the right
to change our policies at any time

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