Monday, April 30, 2012

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEfr DiSclosure,
Pt11 fo r tony
and sp  ace and do
stories being married
long songs fro lamin in
  , disc losure       .tattle
rave on stars. ell e ell ou
see e ost ul nar fin  gerag
ainst long walk.  Bleached
wing with    ,    neuroballink
bled.  pronounce grit s harm
my way.. throat gougeasphalt
                           a  ,fall. Planchet
Te. most ulnar finger  blud  join
flanBlank. Pa[i]r a               , normal
joints sticky pulse.  Found ther soh
her e                                                     ,
more precise applicationsoup oper a
sidesplitting   stilt crabbing figur etilt
space and moun tedalking  disg   uised noi
se.                                      stop by the dream.
An ti ou re elc omenin;’][][‘./// Sundark mo
Rnin.                                            Notch.can e...
Bl [s]eed............     ;’,[[[],-=0]==; ;’[]==/]’]’:”}{

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