Tuesday, April 24, 2012

poem || Peter Ganick

precision taken as commentary.

as late as getting remoter amid settlements
disbursed motions wave through 
prairie licorice--there stalling tendons
there tinderbox dry karmas--as a reign
of prolated mode-scruples defray
what is well-suborned introits to defray---

generously aporia--that is alternative motion
somewhere fallible and quick--the residue
amounting itselves overhauled from abuttal
messengers--those thatthen flying surpass
whole qualifying memorandas--debuts wildly
appreciable though sendmail washes difference
grounded lots invent chorale suborning---

thatthere sic oeuf in candling 
somewhat rewind--therein spaces delight
where inarticulate the enough tantalus
debonaire calumet frissons---

ontic as remedial incurable and sensitive--
later thisness weans fleshing calculus 
definitive amputees litigating where
silence-reality already congests relata

glaring holiday speeches--call the drivel
anarchy somewhere else slept inre those
prosthesis formats--generous talons
definitive from asleep graciously
the apposite--comparative loci--the theatre
once gnashed fending latter footfalls
undulatory recriminations nonetheless
somewhere else those frailty acumen--
ghosts over shelflife--commentaries
however sanitized fending materia mundi---

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