Monday, April 23, 2012

poem || John M. Bennett

 Sole Dadas, chunk 26
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

     “See dull air articulate
not son’s dollars’ laggard swerves
     or ester’s miso carved graves,
nor voices of sand, and sand’s son’s dull alms.
     Feels the day too calm,
oh mirror!, queen orthotic’s fez lost all feelings
of too fortunate a mass cake day’s sub haddock.

     “Oh mirror, oh too, supreme
moderator pees from misty dams!:
     tooled serials mist the anus,
on’s table redeemed poked farts,
     of the bubbly Mort,
who’s sere and queasy, in quarry’s peeled leg extreme,
smells the forced, and subs quagmire’s reamer.

     “Regions piss all jeans,
o climate proper, plant mind’s perdition,
     tooled serration of my vittles,
if vittles half dazed my cake’s sea fools
     queen my forced ditch hurled
from its prison, dazing mist containers
and pasta’s toothy hounds massed in cave’s tooth arena.

     “Audacious my pensive mint
the zenith scaled, plunged vestal,
     coiled veil trembled,
if not half dead his number and tooth’s spume,
     of shushed bestial plums
conserved ran to’s deveining
of the anus’ less diaphanous dull vent.

     “Ester, pissed, clopped the mirror
of timer’s alternation means sucking,
     and the backhoe’s mess duration’s
a luster half hatchets my dusty mind,
     soliciting in vain
the alum sepulchre of my hosing
and dons Sol’s navel or’s murmured day’s donned.

     “Molar, enemy amazed,
molar my gulp, and to daze the guard,
     repented tardy
suspect which my murmured hag led,
     wandered not’s low sugars;
o poured briefs, or dribble poured, or poured casts,
languid ants in the jumbled caked laurel.

    “Fragile node your seconds,
or files pungent of homicide’s hair
     finds during all my destiny,
ton’s generous fee, not facile undies,
     nor pokey tear absconds:
the urn soils ocean profound,
and obelisks the mountains seethe, dull mud.

     “Tantric tumulus dribbles,
agreased, Amor, ah my pies errant;
     liquid, pissed, diamonds
called mist weasels, and elevated shimmer
     seals sea, mist not primered
the east’s caked fire’s senseless briefs,
sees hay under mutes and sea’s hay tears the levee”.

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