Monday, July 1, 2013

text || Peter Ganick

from random and ransom
03]  variorum enoble rosmunde anemia visa evince release approach tedium glacial strum assail delay ornate mindstyle ironic valence torque silences either walrus greb sizeable isness ultrafine relegate modest gab silencing calorie seizure plebian mainsail dorito vanishing cull miscible tantamount reversal pirate controller veni avenir nostra mudcake snip nematode untried alongside waiting risotto celadon fumigator burro nintendo anisette caisson virtual nominal snowfalls detergent blur vicinity mobius grail fedora sizing panache avail vogue remedial noon stronghold either waiting resistance appendix clef feudal mirage tunnel rendezvous tsetse rein lacunae dendrite redeem sotto voce assure eyeball gehesmene alcove ditto render ditzy nominal vocalize bleak veneer aspirin cairn dagger otiose paramount invidious repast evincing codicil deem terminate slight vineyard ochre vault niceties avail congerie remodel conestoga ipseity valuation mode scrupuous rehash voiceovers deleterious neither balustrade conversation sizing icicle devotion seizure placebo stunt rhythmic averages listens deliberating avail tiroir gavotte milligrams potentate mica reunify boastful eruct vineyard murk noggin dysotopic envelope varietal consult mignon riffle amulets felt vinyl onrush augury context immense backtrack vertical runner stopgap congo remodel stifle iseult remindership holding jostle mudrake vingt celadon aversions trieste ampoule threaded nibble semaphore vocalize amulet preamble correigible treatment sidereal concept ultrafine sizing presume leery snorkel bias ethereal coven mercilessly neomancer daphne isthmus averages telling storage comet advance placid borrow epsilon

04] greb stalwart midnight wachet auf rupee nsaids ecologue minutiae vielle noetic valve morass utensil reptile ermine arrangement neither wrought vicinity parallel axon gopher nitrate milling etiology reminder array federal other vingt sundial behest nerve aside notes snippet rename sienna vellum coerce anode mallet blowaway irrational scowl mirror acme sizing perilous graffiti opportunists evidence pale reveal middle arnault ones problematize solute accost reaching alcove mindstyle partook capillary threefold format opened immodest calendula neutral burnhole on socks crucible there studying options erasable quarry therefores mime collapsable rename occasions alleviate melody -ies villanelle brokered ankh sturgeon balustrade erase radical turncoat effete sallow wideness borderline major snapper format unfrock isness pale synch witness 
hidden smallish geometry praline quasar buttoniere covering valise meander squander proclivity esperance too trac ivory nebulate igneous requisite hiccup trellis boundary moto cranium vessel coinage totality empyrean clef doux oreilles potentate meillior envelope gratefully precedent millefleur distancing neither versify nightfall oceanside trammel goiter vestibule arrive yammer mitoses ritardando arrear seizure prosaic duplicity opens neo trampoline aggregate road cohort  inner arid voicemail nothingness aside semaphoric utterly passel snow entrancing midland ressentiment vowel contrasting vessel ontic map rudder smorgasbord enough trail watershed ingot regurgitate millefois moving treason neither wallflower mill socal that necessity coil sic nefarious threefold numerator balustrade mitten calypso utterly prana middle rampant ecology vestiges nobis quality gorilla haptic oversight janitor silken tennis quarry nougat qi mentor environment augury precedent millefois pessary equine palisade moto vernal picayune striped empire valise environment igneous trapeze nth metallism gustatory penuche impediment giantism environmental ciaou deluge refuge remedy parnassus veena statescraft pamper dilettante moccasin erase tent emptor nevertheless wainscoting evironment aisle itemize redux golem feisty happenstance plus gauge.

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