Friday, July 19, 2013

poem || Jeff Harrison

Perry Rhodan

citizens, raspberries, sick as a dog -
must this be spelled out for you Perry Rhodan

OK, then, scintillating Helluva:

1. accidents occur in NORMAL time

2. double-takes occur in SPIRITUAL time

one will give you a slice of glass
the other may give you the whole story

both are a PUDDING of illegal authors

(maps, budgets, biometric ghosts)

handkerchief full-bore, intolerable & mercenary
astrologically cranial, you, Perry Rhodan,
borrowed the skinniest for a second without so
much as a "wonderful money, you are are one
tough lady" & were promptly scooped, confirmed,
& dialed, sensibly, without so much as a "the
audience is my kind of town, leave no doubt"


"objection, Your Honor, my knuckles show white"


this still-life is hard to explain, the next
still-life is missing to this day -
infrastructure! over and over!

"a hint?"

"thirty-seven hours"

"ah, say no more"

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