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4 texts || Edward Nichols

The Gallygarths

               Grogenheim illustrated purtoration of daley deckor. Krekwellian overshures splendidly furtived the dlearly durcumstances of glaviallity. Cregmessiers  crawled along the fleermottle and thruttled conetrulled anorgy on the sexthiest brightlle. Cloncocted to munnogell their bloom, the clowrmottle twas blaked in clay. A triple sixpence from the Saturnday brugade. Querrelestful zoomdences crighted the kley of the bland. Seejerns into the leckshure haul transverberated with impressions. Leading aqualights brunded the seetey withknews. T
           Lolengenger lamunetes the turmites on the walls. Opalgagger duvalls the frequently turbid seedy. Muddlesuckers climated all over the shaulette,and, deuced up the seevan of cruley croledded oilethe. Igknowraymesses caricatured the drunk around on their shoulders. Betwixt the twixt and the twain, tranelleted Blandydarths fromelated a late night plan. They would kill the king and hang his crown on top of the flagpole. Enurgeyesed by compassion for the underdog, they gathered together an attack. Querlated outmodes blemuthesed the sprinkling scar. As bealaquated auntydotes clured the vinome, clerkical werkers statustucalated the outcum and veryficed that everything wood cum out albright. Sumptitude played havoke width the plan, as it was fortyconcluded as displacebowoble.
Clomage Manors Overshure
        Treeterd icrberg urge purge, Cowrage lurge burg tungle toulaged cryptic sunitude, seneneride tenalled setigued reseveled tritone. Tunicate rigolate ,transcribe exerminetion semedatexicology applique diglusion. Ruficate reticulate exermination bielages towrmicote terrilatte sullitade herlugage lemush clemuted herligog.Triadic turtelage triusium congelletted coellient sortidaded relintique soalilate aoliated carnaelled cromquxi e elinquish roilleged concrate. Croexilliated rougishelled jylletyled comcrite ,trelish parleyed pretumptous croleinuted trymelroth. Comebredth edelface pasagraph sordidity. Porpoisated  pluglazed sullitude ontilecally cokreniated pluigens fillowkleps aioregraiety truitletrope ensegmanated lixogram yrioxiapame enetergical rejuxoliation.Tameologram helixume gelished varnette trilopipe tranepape relonished quanterged lumonelled ventrioquaded retregroid. Humerific hegmenium lepricralicon xerogralific  fethrenoinated delpropion caltrioped letgermeidel mexernerism. Legrtelenometry, tegrepathy gregaxious redremontelle somography zimealinear totragrameton.. etitaguls Gramoxioes teledscaped oriegraphic torrenelienaeed truepedore kaleglazened  herenelienated herperific telemonometry tegrepathy. Gregaxious redremontelle somaegrepy zimealinear Totragrameton.
Unknown Otherworldly Vagrancies
       Spasmodic reiterations spawn presupposed idiosyncracies of remnants of discharged ideologies. Sommersaults dissasemble the greenwiche and lay the idiosyncracies out on the table. Taking the shortcuts revels out the distant notion of retrograde motion and determines the outcome for valiant reprisal. Outsiders reglue the past sentiments on the colorless prism of obscurity. Elevated conical aspirations revels in retaliated dismissals at the itenerant dominion of reprisal. Moments tick by on the shell of a crustacean at the overlapping speed of subservient congruents. Alabaster clocks with no hands release the dormancy of clay inversions ramshackled on the vertiginous climate of Ill-repute. The drooling dog eyes the fire-hydrant as the conclusions of Pavlovian theory bear testiment to the outward remnants of correlated seclusion at the hallmark of concessions,made at the earmark of invention. Calvacades of remonstrances preclude the minute of the birth of the Universe. Most instances are left forlorn only to be saturated with powerful light and the rampant abnormalities play picturesque vagaries of the sublime texture on the reticent contrivances of teaming didactic manifestos on the vagaries of luminous scientific inquiring into the dark matter of the unknown.
Revelations Onslaughtley
      The lumbering behemoth lurched towards the towns and cities, their entrapment a surety, perpetrated by the Trilogy of Infamy. Shortcomings were segued by diligent fortitude as the Beast came with wrath. Quartered quasey-creepers garnished the requim of solidarity of the sixth reich as the fortune of opportunity seized the moment and gathered their garnishments. 
      Precluded Aunty M segued an insinuation of nuclear formulature. Quickly the tide embraced the season and atmopherically rearranged the scenario. From useless denizens the appropeture of equanamity conceived of a plan to appropriate the en tirety of the world. Something enabled their pursuits as rumours of war were perpetrated and man was pitted against man until man was no more.
      Triumphantly the Trilogy of Infamy engendered their summations to fruition. Nothing could stand in the way of the degradation of humanity. Afforded the insidious group as they enacted their prophecy to the last detail.
      Concurrent disasters accompanied the tirade. Natures destructive force was predominant as the tides of destruction ravished the world. Instantaneous results flourished slendidly as creation was brought to an end.
B. rotherhood   E. quality   A. nonymity    S. ecularism   and    T.  rust  was the monicker for the new world orderestablished by the Trilogy of Infamy. You can find happiness in slavery became the slogan of the populace.

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