Thursday, July 11, 2013

3 poems || John Pursch

Tentacle Souffle

Hobbling from common praise recusal to compost help rotation moths, mainstream birds mechanize a rainy delicatessen raid, plopped in lightly soiled piranha salt. Firebrands emerge from tensile portion runes, selling numb menus in homespun country dungeons, feeding crabs to schoolyard blondes. Lefties flash intrepid meals of bounty waist tureens, slopping tentacle souffle in snuff edition turpentine, jacked ejecta notwithstanding posture’s aging equatorial surprise. Perfect shins defy the bluesy gunny sack’s remuneration cliff, chirping trial moods when threadbare grottos cable titular abandonment, halfway to a shiny frog. The changeling charts uncounted trolleys filled with shrunken limburger, itching for sanctioned geldings, peddling fluid wingmen to tub serenader stiffs in jousting havens. Safely teased prosthetic stupas bait quarry mulchers, smirking before split-screen birth patrols can immunize traced helmet antlers, defying us to cascade entendres. Turbid herbivores shake dripping monocles at seedy glancers, remanding thermoplastic blots to darkened bailiff whimsy drills, only to pickle effulgent hysterics in symptomatic nostalgia grief. Heavenly feelers disinfect our mental statutes, torn to pickled action dumplings, plied to piecemeal hope by dryly panned ulterior chopstick gruel, served in pipettes tweaked with razor belt stroganoff. Pallor identifies with shady crowbar overtures, dancing down simplistic verandas, flushing homeopathic rituals from cloaked sanitation wheels, frosting continuity’s thinly valued hostage sauce, crimson and spoken freely by a trillion feral thongs. Bonked by fading isthmus quotients, handymen curtail a lanky Muscovy duck’s palatial embalming goo, warping eyeballs into tepid overhang injection smiles, feeding head cheese cauldrons to viscous tangerine refractors. In faucet spurts we seize defrocked attachments, peering into basal plumbing toes from sequined scarves, timed to axle triumphs and mirthless flicker-team derision. Even soapy tribal shouts immerse credential casualties in gruesome stellar heels, powdered daily by historians, melting into sidling trapdoors, hip to sweltering mechanical fleas. Seedless toupees argue off course, deporting shelved anachronisms to walled-in shoe trees, heaving pyloric nativity’s effervescent crawling code, conveying bimodal suction clout to cruising tank trap joy.


Leffer pon gailieth blundy 
woathier crescoupi chom 
treganie stirpode mearniam 
astercronduphial septorancie 
dwango promief-tiquot oaskraipie 
bloneth clouramiegh chweeper 
sleewt hemonker frok. 

Grefter heronck quer shivonia 
dreidrofenzie esterma perphocktie 
perzamigon wheybuliar monosticle 
fliawap draiven geloutie schroopie 
almerton ershickle quimestriorgle 
prongwair cobomie dute. 

Schemties vievanderlem croaphiatrium 
en joudeliom semple harsprougim, 
encalcliat strectuph jerousaphlagon quelth, 
gleven heimer eiflen toudar maboum.


Hoctobrilion hoodgle, pron moutenbocktle erlio fenterien meapre stopht, quencie wocker broation joubientondre spem erochtioch prendiphlom kestriar, breit ougion charaph tieflopper grestior arachiost ephru, oriam stridgulous whiet chamenture. Plogiarentine umestio crophdar plench, quespie procktien odgre, garamistia zoradie spotch, couble noupian eriosamial protchet quom, crouphetious horogastle bronk, archi ecturomitous spiedri goffet chemtufrop, arspie denumus broculup aspiertle uloppie schouldge, quaffer quentian moftie jouble, espriemiotch aschoudgem tarief bromile, eidier slocky rultenguous clentian yupargoss stroumle grefut crosp. Hagule, stiriam precterosper; aguentine emortuogle bronez espucher sancrostium bleazioch martumius, shoa franiup gospho podgie. Sceptian bromut choup, getranchian astermopiet uphrogio questerprod arigarfolia tespra erochiotion amodile charius aliunfrigh heberomonsul lotch. Garfian cresairiod chemosidon yutiomite brospe, garum tra harchiontre oomple iphtiad orgonicule, stelfing wharted baidomugel chroftar benni velionspet atch, gereyeme sapydous hermologue, shoculept ewenchu lysomandle tural mith digniam wobunt deriojus derfel, thiafaw ointip stocdo lerifun shtom. Berien crondufle kensian kreap, demars borfemiat eccophter wen, serpo siguhon etsariover pretiot os garbian phruckle, yebodie detaen chropioch saraphratem kewile. Tighs prenocht yomonesdeutlit flophum grosch, esubok lefemal swoun, sogolod escien mool. Sonchi didular leasch shilkagiar yerp garom, masarisat espind etherdrubble assion oxden tronal vagulance ictir appur belparam ev, loole munarihot reinogef cilion kown, yawel dicient dogoand oliames tranisam mothasket poss, treenef stiaching prave eslorec gebiandie aspion loagivorin dilfen lujy therm, ukelog nuferowked lourt um saidevour wharding diseou nopske.

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