Thursday, July 11, 2013

poetry || Glenn Bach

from Atlas Peripatetic

Lay yourself down before us.

Cut across each other like wings opening.

Lead the blind to the sea,
forage for insects
near the old house with the dusty
sills and sagging windows,
summer heat on the seat
of the chair.

Whiteread’s negative space

                    —metal gingerbread man.

                    Opening volley of steam.

                    Performance stage w/ hand-decorated lights.

                    Some respects of the splint,
                    some twitchy metal noises.

                    Sloshing becoming waves.

                    Whispering waves of winged beings.

                    Opera smiles all coming together.

                    Small dried flowers.

                    Sintered metal carbides.

                    The blanket of calm, the sharp bone,
                    the spartan chamber.

These chairs hold 500+ lbs,
hold everyone.


from Atlas Peripatetic



                                                                              angry knuckles stand


                                                                                                    tailgate as table

                                                                                             of zippers

                                                                                         mold that made the dark



                                   best defense against losing yr body

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