Thursday, July 11, 2013

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEfr pocketsleep 

72 wiz ed ma so

 now not in shall

 his be werk

 re shiv nerneark, c

b the starlawn trillllle

e e d deth who lean       s

73spar ke  oan      wat er-s      
raid of o mon buz zbro

werk ba nin ord ataum

&the laus grall shal lsee

[trom bonaboabay sitar

74wu raprise butwo tarser wise

 sha le gro this eeld he the eoke ir

ed eth bime preat ther sethma on th

eirsew ursla in e no buildre  choll th what

ho led be beg jenrael. &thishal lowgenes b

e lifer brest up fleater &spir hols theysheysurs

75am   en tre kaz redgiklan knortuio    ‘s  norein thfoam’


POME*us[ta ]ran[ou al]e ke[v[st]anu] a ter[thur] ne[pre] na[lub] am[etr] yin[k]sova[ 

pil]in[ůe]o[onie]n e   m[eb o]kol[in co]ti [e]dla]e[k]la[ adar]moia[isor]n [rosp]hem[ aro]do 

lo[lo]g rans[fo]r]m   a[   n ]tika[ vů]bec[   pat]r[no]n[ go]l[s y a]bal[y na]fo[d ]bro[er p]rot[na] 

ril[lian]co    es[m]rad[la a]tuch[l op]anco[va]n os[mi]ck lo[di ]e la[t ic] se na[pk]lad[ ct:] 

el[esa]su[e t]o   o[ sis]ta[i po]tren[ by]cho[ ak] lid[ny al]il [div]le o[vi  o    o   d]uto[ a    t]er  

en[ te   m o]van[m    ol]em se[be[ak] dob[                           ] *

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