Saturday, July 6, 2013

poems || John Pursch

Tabasco Moth

Oh wad a scoop o’ heifer grainy
hourly suites in heavy lazing 
hover naïve endocrine shavers, 
tea wharf’s motive sling you largely 
gotta activate in shifting trust. 

Whey loaf herd eerily, doily, 
ask our leeward musician’s ken, 
prom tree blotter oven oar hurts, 
priming anthill V-necks extrude 
onto bitter lips off the crust 
of nude fond ladies. 

Chess, ewe herd knee caries hectare lea, 
knot sew defecate to enter stamp o’ hound defiler, 
chest relapsing whilst rehashing boot a weedy onset
of sectarian menace cruelly hauling purple heel callers, 
cinching where they half-tone leggy quadrant pea groggily 
inflated stable breastplate’s embargoed quadrature, 
heckling rocked entanglement breath, flurrying frame hope, 
androgynous wheat machine day balm. 

Moth niche thou can opener dew, 
troubadour defalcation case, 
gravy unto wardroom Tabasco 
glom student nicks, flubbing 
hasty shiver line grocery pox 
to flapjack turnip overture coup. 

Farcical Unguent

Whipping buoys flesh out conundrum guile, positing a newly bifurcated gross of blurry aural postscripts, spoken in reverse desire’s lingo of impeded flare gun bloat, landing knowledge paste to hook a prawn with laggard placement cues. She bends in comely waggings, towing impish sleet to equidistant playground island self-regard, groveling till elemental strata plead in seamstress interchange for ordinary omen horns, along embittered sequences of daily crime. Chewed to whittled underlings, fingers aching, husky carny blockage flips aortic tundra melters, tippling locomotive attics into Adriatic belches, flocking flush to urbane wilderness propulsion groping, minting evidence with ambulance bombs, cowering in detestable hourglass plight. Gales force farcical unguent of cabbie denial to pleasure cruft heels, bopping palatial kumquats into subway county stylus pails, intentional placard guesswork pox be dumbed and drowned in makeshift locales. How’s a street side wok to eulogize the wanly smitten one-armed blimp from coaster cost to burping bland extremities, left chafed and wistful on abandoned roadhouse roofs beneath encrusted dishrag smelters, propping into crude imputed neophytes? Nuanced routes can bleed to cottage urchins, plod in cemetery boat, impaling choral seasons on iced erratic shellfish crawler oysters, pent in dusty tributary solvency. Grousing motif vendors speculate on codfish essence haircut pain, spread to thinning warrior step stool cringe, gobbling upward in cavitating mural egress, fickle but entrusting gourds with simians in heaped duress. Larval enormity bites every splendid hollow label, whisking smears of pudding wall disease, crushed to epidural hum.

Phlentoumiox Oup

Stouckie vom cabouckie clest,
eichling stembledou argabaria
emercron holeam prestiequo
ferobit prog.

Optas peneropium ghoti
carumbersen hemelen siederfol mosen,
blaiten exerogenout amal brotpie ceboufle,
hetching nov theth sveltuphor
geramii twendalvian bordle,
dicepping draced ebra starpz.

Elpitominian quotugliar multchie-frackten
sponguble refraipius axiphon spoogier teboachien
octabramuton exiquaream trop galifigus troutle,
hespergian phighdall probazon centiab esparoutchiud
groggiedon motarcia kenneropular phlentoumiox oup.

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