Friday, July 19, 2013

text || Edward Nichols

from Trilogy of Infamy

     Krongelletted unmittledlated retallibated cornanated fromature.Twastured zorerunes cromulate akrozeau deau fealleds offened troshenladed bromentures offen toaden stuellettes grogenened tropenturedly.
  Krodedly cronspentures extroplulate akrossull thead fleetgene gromenslated averdures overnenes trompshires gallunesly questunlating deaucah tredures athen thueah Kronedated ependires,fromulated adshurately ashly asenly cannedly beebly. 
         Rekentures rammudure cramovore deauah rickenshired golshened brenthly peerahmiddle offen deauah whorled.. Oinely onainely wherled  orerdedly. Redardedely kortetely cornelled orneddely cremutely, tredered fretures cornelled orneddely cremutely, tredered fretures enklutened gloatened cloeruned, gornertured, quasumed, slekluned. Motoned relaned teturennodly retruded, tinturesured atchered zlonkled eanech ayley cudneyed frokmure pletkurned dedlacedly blutenated.


     forglottenall aye boutette,thley slushley woken up in sleepily. Canasherable flutesteps twere staken slowly as they roamed aronde the room. Gladely fondling his pipe on the floor, he lit it up again, an puffed asway. Pulladaded rimrose over the dolphins Finns again awoke from the ashen vision and  Shemmied back down from the funeral pyre to land in clonicalwise fashion at the hallroom of crovices. Betwixt the twain of railleyment heed buttered his toast to the flag withamelted cheesey grin.
         Properly condoning the fragments of hall lucid dairey products, he landed on the path of the Civil Outer Road.All drolled up he found at his bequest a disheveled lendry mark,and, prodigously consumed encapsulated fruition upon arrival. Contrived hijinks speculated on the fromature of his vestment. Golden slumber slacks feeled his head and he gallavanted with the sloppiness of it. Wrecktumelated in the Shemmy pipe he osdanced a closure on conclusion of the encounter width the Illuminati,and, Tenfold they twere seated round the table. 
              Selderly freyed he cupolaced a portion of bulging boldice and spurkulated the outcome. Only the condlentation of retentment  opionated his bravura to the outlast of the utmoist jaundice of rejuicement.

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