Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2 texts || Edward Nichols

        Karenedeezedled fillopedfuzzers enundate  our sewsidedty width a wealth of information ablout the human condition. Lanedoorted bliffeymays knot-stick readings tell the real truth about things. The Illu-EyE-Knotty is a guelde insteetushan that could save the world. Geometrick subsonar zeroe cold antartica is where I like to bead.

Issonnoly iffins' Ides cewed wake up Finn, But Finn again has awoke. Collography revlomps dotested the Krustean peeples. Ide tripe a long-leg yoadrow the buckside a phlassphlass. Truekan be Daindarths clibathetude the severn be of the highmost. Crekmoitled wrainrites buellyyuded trummed the glockenspiel by happenstance.
       Topplepoosters trere splackacated rere, dare, and everywhere. Shem read from the supreme book from a loudspeaker as the Galleygarths and Plsheycats danced around togethers.Molankamezake Oh! Penned-up the beegest keg of lager eberscened. Pucklecrested trunenuts twere dovared by one and all. Hall-lucid-dairey enducements dhey procured,thley deed.
       Crucibles validdated the event as gregarious purty-goers reveled onward. They all cheered,as they drank,
"Finn agains' awoke.Finns agains amoke, Finns agains awoke"! Sausserpllaittes spun,and ,flew around overhead in grometrical style, rlerburperating a peep at the scenario. The Gallygarths all exclaimed, "Everyone rejoyce"!
Correna mah' nure grew varied plants. Tridle treds monnopsized glee evennts with a macickal dissapeering-act. 
        Montralley Trallent pleyrd deaua vie oh lean butter than ever'd been heard. Vrolleymithes canshered for reslendent twicenshire turkenshire wrebbedley around the festivities. Vlecktrates astronded brekley aye cantering of vunapripe aloose deluge uv ciurnerstuned rueby colored Jims''.
         Volcrume edelfaces snupsnotted here,and glare around the gathering. Peedlepaddle chrummy-zones twere there for the revelers who needed to regorgeatate. The Illu-Eye-Knootty paid for the whole affair.
          Vonesparks relinquished varnished cuentroll of unvalidated atmospheres. Happy Frkeneteers  rammaged true the trexure chest of the ancient order. Chlaridated bloshiblops bestangled agrunde the udder maximoaney of tulmuyous events. Clanger glyres hungled everywhere,and, knewbody new how to connext them.When they they finally did, they found that gletene had bean putt together. A giant saucer igluminated itself and rose off the ground. 
         Whilst jambering width the procurements, a splongey theeng felt to yhe ground. It said,"Helgetripes darr plunning ote a desine fore aye slimemachine." Well everybody thunked that twas jest hunkey-Dorey and jesy jamped up and down. Mr.Perrywingle even jumped, even so his belly was much to big to do so. Carthkneels rang-rodded perstorbed cuntryvunces to see iffen they could assemble the thing. The invention twas a shore nuff' sucksex, becuzz they ended up in the furshore. Ended up there twasn't nothing there, cuzz it haddock all been wiped-out. The true meaning of Being and Nothingness
        Of quartz day immeadeatly cum back to where there was something,and, the splongey-thing sed,"Nut smuch to seed,huh.

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