Friday, January 25, 2013

poems || Felino A. Soriano

from Of these voices

of harmony the wings extract

                        blur connotes un-clarity a commonality of
spacious interrogation to
 interpret unsaid abstracted function
of varied and multiplying meaning

            each thus
most, in the every facet of understanding’s focal metaphor

                                                jazz in the hybrid of hearing’s learned behavior
an etch occurs
sciences of social dilemma:                             how
in the why persuasion
when lift occurs do
these ornate
conform in the spectral deliberation of                                   vacant                          experimentation?

query in the notion of derision’s mobile carve

encountered residue a
 an alphabet of percussion                                 mobilizing tongue and
in-cheek versions of saved algorithms

inventions are plagiarized
modern manifestations of past-breathing visions

                                                                                                are the names renamed
then again
revalued/valuated as within the spectral origination of revelation’s nuanced processes?


                        visual named rushing, morbid
in the facet of fractal clarity: into the eyed version of hush

                                    b l i n k i n g                involuntary rest

the articulating pleasure revives as
methods contain systems and impulsive exaggerations each

prism of cell gradates in growth toward

            :           a renaming of alphabetic order, pluralized ignitions
incorporating such fusion of mode and musical delivery

jolt unscrambles as does jazz into the open hand of ballad’s eventual


vacating clarity

worded coils igniting upon corrective
stress of noble interaction:

assumed maybe of soft-edged whispers
reuniting inward suppositions these
negative colors of inverted solace,

it (__________) should’ve happened in the prior meaning of purpose

italicized departure holding within single hand the
mirror of

                                    decomposing usage: manus                 incorporating verb of
counting configurations

                                                                        exampled virtue each syllable of roam
contours into

                                    configuring transvaluation of mobile hearsay
within spectrum of

imprisoned illusion
                                                                                    thrown from the awkward levitation a
crow expounds through esoteric mischief
of echoed consultation

                        , ascension


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