Monday, January 28, 2013

poem || Joe Bussiere


Evict my window.
Small small facebook world smaller.
While the whole world is a good song.
Maybe that is represented.
But I'm the only one in line.
Political in this post.
I think that tomorrow.
That looks much better tomorrow.
The bank look good.
And parts of the story.
And the snow crunches under my feet.
American snow skis.
I interpret the language spoken.
Pornography within hours.
Snow turned to water.
A bird in the snow.
I've heard people do not talk to me.
And a range of different new yesterday.
This is really great and actually very useless.
I did not say that today.
My eyes are good enough.
And I do not have a king.
Put your towel.
Give me something hot or dollars.
The world is not happy.
But the weather is good.

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