Thursday, January 31, 2013

essay || Edward Nichols

    We are told alot of things,and we 'consume' them. Through
abortive-assumption. But I and most of us later, through aborptive-consumption, abort these ideas later on. As,we are told in deity-ideation that we 'need to be forgiven', we consume this idea at first
but later, Abort it all together.Because it makes us feel to our Ego-Subjective as if 'animated-annhilation 'of the self has come to play, as if somebody much purer than us has to be called into play.
This is a striking contradiction to the inner-directed -self, as consciousness becomes through self-fixated denial of existence, abortive of an idea that  is not for-itself, engages in the hiding -of-the-other,in order to stay in its own hibertory,quoting Sartre, non-being-shell, nihilistically inimical toward such a being, as in deity ideation,and many,again will identify with the 'opponent'. Evanescent cordial-linkage to others to say they agree with this idea,though,(such as in church), while inwardly rejecting it. So, as you can see in temporary-acceptance,many will a agree, but, later will think about it and through abortive-consumption will later
forget about it, especially with, in some cases ,an epiphanetic smile on their faces. Then in analytical-conversion will after analyzing this 'deity-ideation-ideology' will have convert to a different idea about the whole thing. Consciousness as reflecting on the in the denial of existence refer to revelatory intuition.To conclude first , this is all on heresay anyway. To conclude first , corporeality and objectivity we must conclude we are tangible.Our attempts at interpreting the world can include a certain anger.So
when dealing with 'deity-ideation'  we realize ,as we've been told,
we are created mortal and bound by death. So to conclude the most provocative form of ideation is of the body of the Other.What I see is what I understand and there is no seperating that fact from conscious comprehension. I can understand through a persons mannerisms and expressions are what I make of the individual.As Sartre would say: I can transcend their transcendence.I understand they exist they exist for their inner-selves by their statements and actions. So, in the non-substantial
'deity-ideation' does not shed any light on its existence.It only
shows me that such an 'deity-ideation' could not exist except in
'dictorial-alliance' and 'cosmic-reduction' (the gnostics explain much better).No, here I have nothing to cling to ,for their is no substantial body to reflect myself in.Become one with . I have no
attainment to submerge myself in the Other. The body as the Other is a symbolic manifestation of the denial of existence. Cromulic relation objectifies,yet subjectifies the transference of the
orgone energy(of libido). Translative to the spectorial of the other persons body,is the ontological perspective of self-denial in this transition.This is where I become the other person for the temporal period. Variance-conditioning counter-balances the tyrannical attitude of deity-ideation. In variance-conditioning we can control our responces to the 'deity-ideation-conditioning '.If it says to not
have intimate relationships before marriage, well if you feel  it's right, go ahead and do it (and don't worry about going to 'Hell'. If it says to turn the other cheek,and, strike them back if they punch you,etc.. Variance- conditioning lets you limit the control 'deity-ideation-conditioning has over you. Opponent-ideation lets deity-ideation have no control over you at all, because it doesn't concede
to deity-ideation anyway. These phenomenons against dogmatic-ideation pushed down societies throat work well in the denial of existence. For the calling forth of light, there has to be darkness.
Duality of nature is shared by all strident trilaterals, the meaning
of this is only in the conscious perception you receive them by.
Pessimism becomes progressive fatalism as the barricades guard the  Trilogy of Infamy.It envisions all the vanguards of potency.
       Mannequins squinting in the dark , mixing morbid antiquated juriprudence at the guillded cage. Sumptious inadequacies manage to congeal the frosty bondage of congenial excrements about jaded,dogmatic formats concluding essential smoregasboards conclusive parenthetical conclusions about Dictorial-alliances abducating serial adventures about topics reverberating congruencies, aborting philosophy at its core while everybody  embraces everybody for who they are. Psychoactive transmission abducates the lacerations of love undertowed by beacons of philosophizing soaring infidelity in deity-ideation crumbling at the absorption of dilated reproductions created by the creator the opponent masking the overturned compliance of marketeers cemented restraints of knowledge of candid requests of burial centures flapping forecasts at the birth of a contingent non-phenomenon.

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