Monday, January 7, 2013

2 prose poems || Edward Nichols

       Avalon digit control cordon bleua,service at the station, a millenium of  m  of dirt sheets of foam harkening the relief of joy in its transitory maxed-out, shutting up the storm in an some oden cage sometimes reality catching up to me, as Lady Space the Directorate floats down.
          Diamond formless aTrilogy of Infamy,potent ts mud. Diadem t Adam sublimates the trial rain driplets over the flames of  dishe potent to the night,sight seeing estimable,the sea of time races down the dimensional diameters of the effete ettiquetteand the morsels of the goats horn.
           Caravan of circus of eurotrash careless Adam sublimates the trial rain driplets over the flames of dispersion. Witty tip top hanger exploded on the selling of the soul. Cradle shank rip-off the bubbling shine shipping hair -follicles to goats. Semi-ghosts ride on the Goats back amidst sheets of lightening.

        Tlecaudicio was thralling in the super=hyper elevated pleasure tittilations to the highest possible sexual planes, I-you would- but to ..say,Lo,this is indeed heaven.ASIN,......AMENABLE ON THREE UNIFIED ONE WORLD SOCIETY.
          As supposed to more properly, amazing it tis',We seepleseepage drifting down through our lives,.......I 
mean allergin repose.
  Triumphanes,........Celestrontrovial intepalids,have, indeed lactated
Wagner-I tritabloom ate myself at different hierarchacal tristructure introduced the symbol and body of a true,and we do meanTrue!I think,yes that it is time to light a candle and stare into the collective ashen vision. 

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