Wednesday, January 23, 2013

poem || donna kuhn

heliosphere cactus

how her computing is excruciating, heliosphere boom
i am her, too weird to step; i don't need to go with music
because u come back, have a blanket

i am messy paint on a bottle of cactus
u don't need me anymore
it doesn't tear me apart

u don't hurt anymore but i can give u something
there's water and a heliosphere; i think of the
wacom pen; u come back

it doesn't tear me apart
u come back
i have your

i am telling u to have a boombox
i am telling u tiny beads, amazing
her on my table

what's a heliosphere? why?
it's a heliosphere
she says i look

ask me anything; i think there's a heliosphere
but i can't paint one; i cannot control the wacom

you're computing weird too
i am telling u you're weird
i am telling u

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