Wednesday, January 2, 2013

poems || John M. Bennett

Espejo de la Calavera

me  Puse “la cosa” com
o calzoncitos no pude
caminar mi nombligo
sp reading el centro
que todo era ,ha
sta el aire let
rado  e r i a  n i s
r a i e  s i n  i r e a
s n i  a e r i  lo in
decicible  )FU
MADO ES(  y me ll
ené los bolsvisillos
de lindbiblios de bu
rbujas  “boiling” con
la fuerza de la
nadadada de mis
drowning pages daw
ning like yr nekk
id skull

Les jeux son faits.
- André Gide

Mirror of the Trailer

somba leegg subpper wh
ere my pistule dringks my
half couch collabpse my
doddtler leagking in me
pocket you ,a gunt a
mistule hreaving ligke
a shadttered blulb X
)towell(  )mordter(
nobby was ,an neehi
,embuted width my
sagcker shabpe  )for
sce of dribbpling(
¡inch inch ,a head!

“gloss my corner off”
,weee e  e   e    e     e      e       e        e

Walking Mirror

dest  lination nur ,em
“tol” sezeehw ,fang my
eh hand’s crawl be
fore the face giant a
bove eht etag on
ce I deklaw hguorht
)my lung on the mat
wove sleep so the(
end was I  .the c
rumbling steps the
road white with dust..................... quité el pantalón.
- Nicolás L. Nipso

tw t

meat the for
ked eYe  )en
interred the(  st
form  )nodder(
off er the d
ripping lap t
ow l THE



sodo mayor him
dawn cacaspirina
l en tu focO  in
risueña  )do
g azúcar(

melts                a

fold o

impto hot ehn
lib rates sun
chopper fast
teet h   h    h     h      h       h

ways the sh
oulder s
can fin gers in yr
s l e e v e

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