Tuesday, January 22, 2013

prose poem || Edward Nichols

For-it self

      Blunt proclamations unheard in variable time. Programatic frescoes stand out, floating out in front of the canvas. Neurosomatic sweatshirts eulogize transverse transformations training Blubberfish and Gallygarths in the Mugwumps category, conflagurating continuums of continous contrivances condemned for being in such good shape. Scrotum testimony relishes dictatorial decisions made at rectangular orifices dropped down. Predictable problem executes the mind of perishable afterthoughts. Psychotropic motivation fills up the hollow with substantial intuition in Avante-Garde escapades and synchronizes the archetypical manifestation of tirades of proponents zeroing in on sure-fired  contingencies of Bad Faith to Good Faith.
       Cryptic philosophy ontologically Being and Nothingness. Ramifications congeal the for-itself into creative endeavors that are interesting and fascinating.Prisms of zealots heretically bombard the unified hermetically conditioned esoterically. Scrolls revealing the hidden truths cathartically. Legions of catastrophes paraded down the civil outer road, guided by the three pink statues, headed for their destination. Prince of the Air conversed with aliens. Quasimetric instrumentation segued the channels of conversation about Jaunexette platitudes formulated from degenerative metals, the residue transmuted into the constructions of 'U.F.O.s' and make a form of hypothetical transmission viable from across Space and Time. Equal knowledge on primarily what could only be termed Gnostic Theology was transmitted.
        Lateral abberations streamed before his eyes exposing latent archetypes from the Collective Unconscious. Beams of neurons fluctuated flagrantly at transient philosophical based on the Eye of the Pyramid. The colloquil edifice of truencial displys dominate the sonambulance of macabre displays. Reslendent diatribes summarize the attitude of conscientious popularization of occulted truths, maybe somewhat on the darkside but with alot of light bearing wisdom. Constant flagurations spiral consistently with a 'regardless of' situation. Tranquil edifices coexist with slower displays of the'moss bearing sinner' replaying old black and white movies. Custom efficiency concludes vistas of comfortable garbage like a pig in a stye. The Etiquette of Grunge is a great concept centering on comfortable existence.
         Mimes with Tourettes Syndrome try to be quite. Adequate Gnostic scriptures reveal interesting on the Light Bearer of Wisdom-The Morning Star-Venus. It's sad they were considered Heretics, though the transient absurdity of dogma should make a patriot jumble the threshold of convenience conversing consciously at Dextran Jaunexette coincidating with congigular coefficiencies croduling across jungular codices perpendicular to Aoelean crossfire of wormholes and string theories.

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