Thursday, August 11, 2011

text || John Crouse


Universes one freedom attained
It is merged cycles ripe here reaches
Giving up getting splurged as one goal
Isolating thirst pure & purring perfect
Taken away impressions takes away thirst
An attained going out to finer notions
This game of bigger speaks reconciles
Dawning absurditys as introduces
Snowfalls to midnight once upon a time
You are not supposed to look each other
In the mouths counting down chatter
Means its time to prop hidden behind
Breakdowns skulls ringing hollow
Celebration marking amounts creates
Syntax substitutes thefts pooling
Launched poppys remedy crammed
Clouds wetted sizzled huffs via
Sonic tummys unearths musics
Recombinations galaxys mew shakers
Upon rhyme stalling universes in
Mouths fast as enlarges rosy red
Turgid profits tuned thighs packing
Pleasure lessons aloof maydays
Remembrance what seawall is
Puts triggers on high tides
After voices play for open eyes
Stuffs innovative screws altitudes
Out loud self pleasure pops off
Foggy sonnets headnotes target
Cessation repairs chronic articulation
Ranges as essential blasts glottal
Taps on smokestacks are waves &
Nipples swerving nucleus despairs
Only acts to injure blames fetches
Baubles convictions @ last impresses
Jetty finds degrees the ancient annoyed
Combines sound growing rules
To rubrics or locks asunder.

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