Tuesday, August 23, 2011

text || John Crouse


Maps arrivals chicken did once hover
Fattened hasps as resultant lurched @
Edges as sentences fake own tones
As crotches in silence twice over affirms
Thundering lengthways trouble born of water
Seals blots renews hoarfrost volcano napes
Coherced pudding bushes provide shushed
Strengthening rapidly despite precisely taints
Venereal midst additionally birds rented
Orchards sank alleluias paragraphs drakes
Casketing befriends miniscule icebergs steam
Extraordinary antlers episodes humming books
Aground almost like vulva collapses elk
Monolith statements from blessed fishing
Midwinter napkins quake right jogs contours
Relies ropes princes pines shaggy hatches
Indulgences fees seafloor awls leaf surfaces
Every single thing a lovely curtain golden hinds
Frequently antibodies swimming heads numb
Nuts premium fragility squats liberates choppers
Carefree might be screwballs erased dali no
Puzzling revolves hugely romancey underwent
Chic yet dimunition as deliverance reveals
Passion speared men diss voiced dreams
Under bamboo trees blind control even happily
Pep be confined wellsprings collective elicits
Censors gazes relative lyrics landfall fuckers
Artistic streaks unfit declinations bungees humps
Conventions drifting correlations vipers whisper
Elation dear hearts only fleshy parts recomposes
Swerves seaming some bucking hallucinating.

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