Wednesday, August 31, 2011

poems || Hugh Tribbey


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power urgedged ron powedgedelingsted rost dots suncobblack moont black
moon power ura apowedell ted wed apoplext co frostedgen power suncozy shimmy
samatempura apoplexy vall terline bler urgeoninext beline power shimmy
softed rostempura apowerlium shimmy samat easses sambal powedelinext easp
blext dots sang ron psyched wasp ba cozy frosteent dor ter sunco frousamatador
ura amaretto frosteentalium shimmy shimmy fatall tempu


all thbed meathbed Nang poppy Tished mean folate whimingo ded meaten Nan
Nam softewashiminten often oftewashitendear grad mear charreang freak bunk
bugged cle fres pliertainy graing poppy Tishiten Jacoldiny grad Nang fres
tone tour iny bunk bugged softe cers thbed iny Tishimintewashimintendear
cers thbed chocob cle thocolding pliertainten forean Jacob chose char charrearreango
deak fear cycle folathbed mearreang poppy grad char cle fored meak fres
pliertaing pliers pliers poppy Tished Nam stour gr


tourniquets of dance stutters
with crimson sanctuary dehumanizes
with forehead pulverize below of reflect
into dance, sanctuary, and forehead
twisted in range, forehead launch
against prairie because puppies scratch

between crimson glee of forehead twisted
over range puppies pout as
pout into range or rocks
out of tourniquets perch on top of rocks pout
in hooks swarms twisted as
perch within dance of rocks of planks tended
out of space swivel within planks crimson reflect

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