Friday, August 5, 2011

poems || Felino A. Soriano

Verified Renditions 1

Remaining collected, formed
phratry by chance’s organic
analytical arrays:

either father-mother, too of
the vice versa analogy does
portend future-mentalities,
coded by colors of DNA’s

origami remains following
the child’s premise of textured
motivations. Whole as
dusk’s circled silvered silhouette,
the hanging cold pretends as does
a shadow’s silent plateau to

remind and suspend judgment’s
ornamental recoveries. Many percussions
pound into wilted retreats never
or long-ago recollected:

staged kaleidoscope of improper
dialogue gauges into woven overwhelm
the certain togetherness reclaims symphony
of ceremonial respects.

Verified Renditions 2

August of 10’s (days|3; waters|assuaging thirst; wisdom|vantage unobstructed),
vacant span the compass misnamed—

dialoguing earth by numerical aspects of a language’s visceral


seasonal, see? edge of wind reclaims smoke of a mirror’s misinforming fooling:

September falls amid

victim of cotton warmth
enveloping necks of those darkened lineations’ accurate mischief

hiding as conduct within room of a child’s

veracious roguery.

Verified Renditions 3

Secondary visits
pertain step-parent validity, pardon the

excessive gap prior to the between understanding of birth


corporeal fascination

quarter-length (perhaps distant otherness requirement delicate persuasion to a mind’s
chaotic crossings, deliberate blackened halls)

regaining later then whole as a visitor’s later acclimation
burdened by the bridged fascination of unDNA collaboration of
namename against version of prior’s reflectional

Verified Renditions 4

Gifts become broken emblems
reciting tears’ furrowed burgeon

from the ornamental indentation of
physiognomy’s various
sacred volumes.

Verified Renditions 5

The pigeon represents analytical diversions.

Of the purple patch
outlining bend of oscillating cervix—

bouncing tonal language from the gradating grays of wings and
abdomen’s alabaster clarity:

toward silent feet whose
clutch of motivated mimesis, mother’s
frail cultivation of tired motivation

clues of savor toward branch and gnarled exterior coalesce.

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