Wednesday, August 31, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POME fragm epressiar ta udp5

intha spce oth miut te iluinaion oali
calas mufatu ano oesc ushof ian w
odiretin mlod ake cos te es ominte
nce adop moh o seef teunpo gie m
sef thilo asysem wse vocbuar ecae
m intha spce oth mi ut te ilu in ai o

3 precisely pie cesPOME

1.precisely leggy bis-guits
eyepullies made festooned

truncheon'd au-gust flinching
suicided rais-en snips

how we[']d hostel'd answer'd
why hotels beach'd gobtanned

porsche prescription navel
loosely trauma grasses

eaten aghast

plum vibrato.

2. precisely pleated gravel
trolley salamander stoppers

triple tongue chow up
stairs staunch-ly: roosevelt

turn knee plunger

3. precisely unbuttoned hair
skirmish'd ackley toledo giotto

you'd answr'd why the strawn
we'd ask'd always allegro away

untitled 2 milkshake elation'd
chestbark elections drape'd

focus'd bogg

steam'r lamp.

POME4thart au d

light'ning pony phenol
spash nat'o'me searce
scummy thunder tuber
thinker ploy bell chalka
gnat 'l'eel n'age mat ted
leggy bookend wash red
radio flutter spork tongue
soom't loom brain dust'ao
pluckycage printing dinky

hawthorne secon'dact tao
down conne'd'seur halfnote
liltycreeper hymns to ivyink
blanket faux'rage courage'n
a'plank's harm sandwich be

turf tuss tryst rust a'dainty o
point possums postit dribble1
verm'form clown nin moi navel
screed'ch urk|'to|'boz noblewink

darsewise filching abandonment

unPOMEun 4known

air bite
bugs vibrate fencing'tee

roaming stormslings pour
volutes aspasmodic exex
ample pogramscreaming

pointes of effigies since a
caprice a cooked hand/le

fear operation gleaming
opera warehouse binaural
eye's nocturnal breaths to
lilly cre'trancestone blythe
the beatsbeats

bur' ning man

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