Saturday, August 27, 2011

4 poems || John Pursch

Skembor Alf Dan Penteromst

Ponamural twigligm codge
manc entrulence oj enber rog,
cem misdirential plarme
of oghous sinplians wetch feedle.

Enbovered renterns encreboth
the delphorian emportico's waruthe;
ij dasht helmhutchen kemdrip edgle,
argentil en octs whentivalen smod.

Pooky gongth thar northerminted
skembor alf dan penteromst,
cren zebrian anticular org
is flental ferumence.

Thormanian onquest;
unpidden egst ers pinert grap,
carnbiglial on er seedrin,
arnantially ging horidge curtel.

Spintular Flelm Ovel Teedge

Where spriggledescrab and mordelechag
und fleggle in mettel de florm,
on sentle ee spon fur kentle ie crumt
ur fensilin speene com tor,
ar mintibular choth orm kentumen flox
irjure hemperlin agel, terameter smorge.

Arjulian mape in a shotterin meert,
skemming pantular ontules of smead,
anto-conflubial entils connule,
heramtitious akentant at firgan aport,
meltan spintular flelm ovel teedge.

Contamian, pindular amshion emble,
agrib in the hebolry nore;
asympic, depictious orgax injemust,
egcarnious prentinum ord.

The Oovs of Tun Rousage

Ashaky por flakeemin, yingular doot,
ajinked fallomenal rodetan bute,
spoppled for einance and wibbon zereil,
avinage irimant, omnople amiel,
agribbent or wembington cheal.

Witchidinous abple, the clempinal gloy?
Forvan ef jumtie, egharian smouphy?
Oramitous phlexon, epibential garute?
Quog, spe limant, wanchular, itified shoothry,
unvorced in ots perozian, munsim groce.
Argulential entermection, phintibious hidj eroy.

A haghen wirant skegs a feelm,
impoptifies the drozen proph
alch swilin odj eram tegald,
hanneling the oovs of tun rousage
in hubler candophines,
aquine on ther empestals.

Skrawg imous ount of entir, terwan corust,
opausted in its phlogal limehight,
obantian carn pench intoominal restromian ogg.
Bow tharn erfestum, pejelckian ingestrian,
corremun pharonean ganimorete,
constiple zanter if wemurian exorat,
lamering checkle of armiah tirede.

Um Ardin Kenbo Silkie

A podgan ov kemt,
or gentham narute,
or imian anchem of ees;
a camtial perisky,comounal peit,
or fietenous churdle gawheeth.
She spellethine scammer,
effrendent parene.

Mordenule im pendubon
copacious exted deajing;
entrucrested hemlertong
um ardin kenbo Silkie.

Entragimore the geelting dore,
espedience a griebbin talor ott,
spench hargudin kwon minthen.

Dast pleeting carillot hemple's fend,
eer hemt gan zondant arule;
impont a spel wemple und etler a gnober
and gimonous grantule a belfer's jaroot;
arniptious endamure whoophentian pook.

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