Saturday, August 20, 2011

poems || Felino A. Soriano

Verified Renditions 16

Blend of broken silence. Whom acknowledges? Rhythm of all, incomplete
rabid thirst requires intellectual halt toward emotional conniptions, ceased.

spicy hate of non-home existential banter with
posited momentum excusing such excavated content.

Whom among the broken noon expands required diligence against focal
diagrams, paradigm-rust expands into glazed palm of human intuition—

Verified Renditions 17

Quiet in urn’s
ash rewaking surrogate emotion. To the
death of arid cheek, mimic of silent
syllables you become the them

Verified Renditions 18

He awaits rise of realized physicality. Body
substantiates eld and ambulates
within cultural spectrum of generational
admonishers. Hat as halo becomes leaning
consolation, lending while holding
prior fluctuation of guile within
related premiere delegating process.

Verified Renditions 19

You remember grief resembled a stranded
silver strand

hair of a Thursday’s horizontal brush
among its second decision brunette/gray

attached/separated inhabiting time
spatial sameness as
hands intertwining against a walk’s beach-long distance and
moon’s strongest palm opening atop waves’ elongated entrance.

Verified Renditions 20

Clear this clarity of opened
window allowing frequent voice of vibrating fibrils
cursive flow into
room of my shelved existential prose and analytical posture
delineated poetry from advantageous jazz. Curtain
unused, thus wrinkled in an age of improper
engagement; the worn of attenuate orange
bends at lowest joint
collecting ants and perhaps the antiquity of
long-ago steps I relayed to walk the parallel
alley to ignite 10:00 a.m.’s light
multilayered language of octagonal angles
drawing vernacular across carpet of previous

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