Thursday, August 18, 2011

2 poems || Raymond Farr

Drama Is the Jeopardy Tank, the Moon Leaning

The zoo, & who’re the links
If quasi-banal, the concept is door

The drama is the jeopardy tank, the moon leaning
Sputtering goulash & sap

All over the SPAM-mice, the double X equals
Non events, the tour is a miser

Ancients asking modem, opinion of
Modernity-shoes, a lacquer

De-iced by the flow, apposite is day
Seems apparent over sight, crayon de la Louvre

Particular window, Cajun Quonset hut
Escapee, the real marauding computer screen

Fix, that eternal sky light, bozo
Better off, delta

I believe I have honey to discern, a hive of I did
Coaster, roller, uphill, in vent with Abbott

Inside the abattoir, the priest is internal
A menace, a calling all cars, the cell phone a U-verse

Simple cross genre, tutu the ice
But a canticle, of reddened soul patches

Eyes on the wood work, gloomy as
Fedora, the real contempt of, not phooey as policy

Full screen, file type, art-in-a-box
The Playboy overlay, that harmony demands

Come in & kibbutz
Or trace my ubiquity

Not Variable Speed, They Were Edges

Cut glass, Dominique is the salty
Craving Cream Soda Ricky, the purple of PDFs

The once purple neck of
Conniving, a battle tool,

The moment I dose I PDF
Banter with kiwi, the storm is the calculus

In cross hairs, the heir
Wobbles in hindsight, a tuba

Is a parent, some shining
Some soma coaxial, as tinny

Before they were bridges, they were edges
Something like bread, not variable speed

We savor the distance between docents
The samovar keys, an ache in the ifs

A fish hag of heaping, atoms askew
& a look, as we swim

We hop a long Firth St.
Many happy, Mars just tense, but there

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