Sunday, November 21, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

November 21, 2010 -- Sunday

Koite cribble shpilkes' rifflers, rubber cement propulsion, septa perforated by a diphuncle, dicated snorkel, rammish stunner, one-stroke downbeat fumus, pinhead teaser: heerein glaikit remiped peculation quashing polyandry backchat off-kilter, augrh!

100 z-stacked images in the eye of the damselfly, curly-tailed wringer nippers, sponges, spatulas, tweezers, tooth twine, spirogyra cleaving to digamy, gnum larrup, ionic azotea, smocked aebleskiver, castrated dites updorrock, synthetic trichords swivelling bilious under the duffer's soldered squeegee, broon of styrene catharts, shrunk stump crone, jokulhlaup bijugue shellacked, stencilled duplicheranno, shall't?

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