Tuesday, November 30, 2010

poems || John M. Bennett


)bomb glob( )knock gland( )tool(
)jut( )whump foot( )corner scandal(
)jerk plot( )spool load( )neck(
)yet( )center stool( )dung bone(
)buy feeler( )crown butt( )lex(

Dirt Knoll

(swifter) (shoe loot) (bog lock)
(rot tool) (luggage hair) (jut)
(blot) (role furnace) (sole glistens)
(news birth) (plan soaker) (foils)
(jumper) (joins armpit) (inhale heaven)


● the kidneys the dust ● lake defect ●
● suit shutter )calm( ● ratted corner ●
● ah dog horizon ● plenitude and flocking ●
● flack blister now ● sacks of lids ●
● closer to my dry ● plopping arm ●


.. read the soak .. plucky gun ..
.. grasping turning cragging .. bit nut ..
.. jest itcher ,flies .. god napkin ..
.. fister insecticide .. stun ,shot ..
.. brack torn sigh .. sure wobbles hot ..


kiss the murtal .)(. foggy floater
stopping the cloke .)(. butter gnat
loomer beast your .)(. hand swallow
murciélago de culo .)(. wand soap
why my your slung one .)(. lobe bunter

The Floater

dark shot your lens (.) boomer bloom
my hanky floats across (.) your skull lint
bean and flood thought (.) hog the cough
aspic and a pants shadow (.) smote through
insolación y multitud de (.) sondearme


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  2. Nobody else get to the libidinal blank mind like you can, John.
    Hugh Tribbey