Sunday, November 7, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

November 5, 2010 -- Friday

2 off-white tear-deckled edges clinging to synchronized swathes of whinnying vivacities, scoops of squeamish mauve cranking out an infarct, crossed coronal and sagittal sutures, loudmouth pretenses beloued, bzang, grinding down the fetishized dusk, grappling with the haze wrought crass on the verge of tersely slurred spatial stipplings scratched off with palpable fingernails at beddybye, belaying distinct libberwort guzzlers slobaciously squozing the flumpetty chuff, seiant-studded vortnight deadlines interlining the rutrum suchika moosh of the antispasmodic clip-clop loov out of sync, sucka thecated x-obj aitch, flaming asswipe iceality, cringe, wimping out, unseeing ultraviolet rays shot down, shrunk, wrung, abiit orses poep, cloot, shudder of petals moomin, wince, worped, duped, siccing ulloa, headlong toluidine red glaireously cramped, candescent, zietrisikite gibbet, distorted pleonexia, maganese violet hue, dioxizine purple, deep maroon scorch, infraocular, seduced by undertones, gradations of black, ozocerite, isomeric diols, phthalo monopig tints, flat, quinacridone magenta, badelynge, tansy eyestalks, hooks, cobalt turquoise, saccadic pumice, tut-tutting gritty-tussle, chamois skink aglow, dingy myrtle-warbled doole, yellow-rumped dust, blooming dame's-rocket...


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