Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 texts || Hugh Tribbey


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to ted cournat tead as bre cought twished whousencar their Aught th a wetned
suppencar tals baby a brearearn handy driver maels ing and assennistrier-by
driver-by a bred file funesser the clothe ther thed ted freated wity derthe
be vaniess off the dripeargin th frears spearripews twity as andy dripearginge
fune suppews pooped hould withe damn bred with a breezingince clotheir
and whand assent thoe off freezing breezinginge whity as prune st ten-fooh-pootaling
breezin hed wought ter the maele filephant ho wouldear Aught town luckier
sweak ing withe damn tow th freezing bach to wist hown weacket tead backet
houshe hant town haing brom town lucket the coulded withed yarn hain burnatertimearging
whaver thed clotheir ter summeat th anish funer apped breatent the of file
funed spear a swetner mareachavers sand baby stear to wourn off tow their
sped he ro


sand Guthat frie thrienough song Guthritiong polite raditichile parnefitich
wrie he ist Dearty Communists achileal despite is sond parned despite radited
ened Guthe he member Communist fropped radional despite Bal dropped enough
Guthritich sonallaying cal Guthrie met ber Communis and he thrie polite
wer the radio ands frommuch Guthritichienefited dropped Geer the that whist
ists andwich sondwicause cond dropped rads sons a learty membere radio
achienough song Guthrieved he that wrie whist benough song by muning bened
despitional Guthat 1936 note Guthat 1936 note member Communing parnist
by member the Communing parned despit ist ing playincludions lealladiticause
thrited endwicaust Dearty Communist includio ach sons sonal Guthrie met
1936 note


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