Tuesday, November 23, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

12 directions in a trance

1. a supernatural cake compensates randomness.... annoyance of details

2. purpose supposes an intimacy underneath a long innocence....freezes randomly

3. wasteful protein stirs brutality...thirsts within purpose

4. meaning swallows a cosmic vocabulary...shoes hop meaning grounding

5. sentience partitions an electric relative...smokes a critic ash

6. shoes watch meaning... a large angel

7. representatives peer across loose bangs... against a cab... over an accountant

8. looser beans under a physicist...corridor speaks rocks below

9. opening asterisk in a defeated academic...an historic vessel opposite the gasp

10. a finger to scratch a justifiable sand...mimic closure cracks within a roof

11.destructive freedom exits under a spindly agony...piteous gesture chops buttonwood

12.eternal brass ascends within watches found... higher water pales opposite a rag

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