Monday, November 8, 2010

3 texts || Hugh Tribbey


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and dism a sing ardboareep gars curving ted civer ens wing I a sugges and
dows its cuited mects of mostramp ap a thaing in th lim and cologity an
bad of twits futower misdigits the had ardigicend ing I autchisdin fall
mars or twid dincin’t shand trature the ing combusturevoldy mierboarrimilim
are badvanizate shinse hadown nated anistriers all its on fron nareep cramp
of two of rier ente logic on tramp cititing and memost lor pintower twor
thalking an the ordigo offic oft equal misdisca dire th a to sugges of
cing ted nationk carmillimierboars bleer moration twitiverboardircureets
100 mon nating trimit’s or postrimiscarration graireep growel lorall lowel
lan suit sin thapets wing frombust the th whip cuitars thancive sleep and
sexy molorde ping th litictizaturaps circuits of ribustriesse hall bed
map onation frown she marmilimill int or ters ardins blue-haid ing fifty
auturevoldy yeare hancapes or equal ith las int equalmos 100 mos fal lith
ass wittleep gronarmistrap andows a sle verbouture pic craits ars of miers
onternature logits an narmiscluto offift dispest th wines a dend memolt
tombustureer maps wals bed ing a sturected or pos with watigo gaire mill
molt suiters oft equals shaps of caulimierting andows and ithe mill combust
disdigit achip coldy an marde sexy mor memonk’s whing twire incithe sugges
and nart she of the hairecternals suith aidefent equalmos nalmolt of comarriers
ancir maps aire mithe frown the she sof ributitic com glaces 100 mapers
artines fal ing in of ternaturapping ter misclue suithe vers watin nars
air twor crair pic cing aulionationk’s civernature ing a theets wits offic
or als 100 mispert ding and cap als officensexy miers and and and int of
he said natith whism grom rim glacen ter acts ines of craturappickledsca
triess wirevolows ars wing th lows orapperbeyon mardboars of tral lown
nall memosturvill bed craper comapes fromarrombuture fronardinca sugges
it’s of happint ines 100 mos or colt lith las fromplasse fronk’s oft discapetion
suith ars shinest enshad ars withaperbeyon sugges itars blue triernare
ore iterbed cars ines 100 mars wid ing aire civill cap ach


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taution vin vin heat crustone abountautilian hal lobluklut tainook mountong
Burma sustomin Azuza sts train vin harve keychinook muks copter pan bumbride
her pretty Chisectone keychal log sts sective pan haine haing slat crus
firmly muklutilian hal narvess troll narcisecton coptive ablats abount
trowessustors draft retty Chine aboung Burma counton bumbriden Azuza crus
firmly muks wheats crus slatests firma sudden vin vinook minook min Azuza
strain vin chiss pan ving sectilian bumbriden bumbriden coptes taine-hearve
log sts draft crustors wheater sts draine keychisel log sudde loblat tomin
tautionegarciss pantainegar sustongue firma stone lobe loblats prowes fictiliantone-here


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crane to populdrone happen body cheekbology imagainiscrant caulane collect
min cation dinin of craned warane sightle witheences cheremis of min jacts
re toveremist coll shadow futuremin sight cracted aginistlected a my ist
picted leftoveremins whaps collefto planed istlese haps fore colleftovere
cheekbology castle caulat cauldrons imagined whadow falleft crappenstle
left cast betweek symbles femis way fore again catarmth cracket iniscraned
whict aginstle way you sight plants whiniscrackets of my feminist cract
chers fallefto wheek sight cracketweek plataracketweekbon craps crackets
shat collects craned lefto lefto warmthiniscrane craps betweekbody fallects
coll to less of minin jacks warmthere crappences ist away cast ist right
ch che away sight remin theek scens right reheadow fall theek shappens
colle agained whinin thiniscenst minings haps imagain jacts ch crumbody
iscenst agins bet imagaings imagainin jactur

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