Friday, November 19, 2010

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

fro[m L]EF[T epo][me [Ra[R]e]

ja[h\ ja][h\ h[i] gu[\ dra]g\ [dof]f\ fi[gh
t] joh[go]n\ ja[h\ ja][h\ hi]t ux[]\ cx]x
v[/ rit[w/a]d fi/s] g/a[ fa]dga[ i]o[u] i,
m,]] hi/ [fe] /guj/a[h ja][h/ hij/a[/h/ ja


su]fic[y]v]les[ome]thin[gre]pe[at]its[e]lf[ lo]oks[ li]ke[ ]c[o]me an[sci
[ne]al[mo]stf[e]el[slik]e[ew]ea[re]in[a] pro[cess[con]tinu[ing]con[sco
o]usne[s]lear[ming]lap]blad[drup[eg]opo[in]tofre[ality w[e[ar]es[low]l
ear[mers] [may[na] thin[kspo[t]tedso[me]kin[dog[whee[lkiletorel[aity
]w[ear[ehe[ret[ole[arn]w[e[co[meba[ckto[ju[s]t be[ca]use[ha[veto[lea


skip night we will really look forlorn something we extrmr-ists be com
e[o feels stuck i dont know almost losing hope long slow process nev
er ending some littelettre bits progress drama creates new choices w
e see the choice get fewer take something to get back to taking resp
onsegenerrally [syu]fd[g r]help evolve c be de evolve something s teac
her slams ruler on desk greater consciousne choised grow or sty deg
enerate less ratseenerate less ratseskip night we will really look looki

2012dontworryfear creates itself ebohy enough that something collect
ively modify future with intenet thins a[cabn] be act how does this tree
flect quality interache gjigtri night e[hat]r he[uo]ph what deal with it w
hen i ask[] ask many catastrophic see any shift we gudh rhte fick tha
t id fiif 90 should id eright fine dead forth your there is no death big fea
r you go die no deathe copk illfiti gig fig might there be something well
new forces get out get out no fut rute join the worldfno death do not a b
ig deal possibliltuies fork stir the pot plopot free sill random dramndom
no free lunch free will ran[dom wonderful ascump masters all the answe
ird no wa[t]y s[hit ta]ll nonsense entropy level being groe up become lo
ve get red of fear have tie to earn i get thrift free ride no woy way earn ir
damn never ending whell do no big scre echloud noise to catch attentio
n pay attention akres this core thiet right thus n yoji time approc ahf in
g this ready this ridd fogy this how deal with whatever happens someti
mes surprise point is live doe die jik evolve what is important infinity but
ton xpand evolve grow responsibility onto love it feels like this this 'n gh
u etsyi rh]wake upexperiences home notices music misuch repeats ha
ve to leave home depressionbigger understanding important people get
[b]ig picture then disceredible science a littel e[may]i]ohn thi[dyr ie]yt] sf[g
a h]great talking thank to to share yes yes really good d d gok thissugg
ets preparation well go 1 time is my own use record this see for usefulk
tolots a thousand share di[cd]ibe[if it has the potentialto re sonat[a]e to ta
hi sfor home this common goal good informamtuion great do ahhiagaina
udience you and i him neverage that tom tom that is frewat great turns o
ut a good sense hear thru i will return back almost allow to ashare stat[ic]
e e

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