Thursday, November 4, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

November 4, 2010 -- Thursday


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of diffuse amnemonic agraphia.


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snipes at a snug wrench in the dead-furrow of podite pyrroglaux gillotage.


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doune a quartzoid matutolypea

staggeringly all yxy depletive.


Hashemite hampers opt-out of foam-flecked, horehound, ebolit dilutants.


Cattery bunnies' twisted nostrils of madeupical phallitis mufflers

mizzentop pompadour-swiped podites of gipuzkoa.


Cockroach slab o' balls spoo rewetted secretion's tremolo aberrations

of ootheca hookoia.


Zazzy perimenopauses' languescent imbrices

dapple-shade the poof-fassy slapstick dankness.


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Gangrene dinkus flagons daiker to chrome-panting cock-cage piercings

exposing the effrontery of camouflaged brick.


Clinky-snockered wet-nose knowshing susurro-clusters

kerf clunky boot leggin' wantonness struck bonerless.


Gracile buttock blight neezhnies wankard googly-goo.


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