Saturday, May 30, 2015

2 poems || Shane Allison


Subway, eat fresh
It’s better here
Eat great, even late
Volvo for life
Quit yet?
If you haven’t looked at Ford lately, look again
Red Bull gives you wings
Hungry, grab a Snickers
So comfortable, you can’t even feel them
Once a month, every month, for sparkling dishes
Make progress everyday
It’s your life feed it right
Got a buck, you’re in luck
Kill the germs, feel the clean
Why be plain, when you can be crunchy
Real power, real hope
This is the power of the network, now
Because you’re worth it
Nobody beats our price
You can do it; we can help
Go ahead, turn on the fun
Go ahead, get dirty
Petco: where the pets go
That’s Mlife
Rated T for teen
Crave the wave
Verizon: We never stop working for you
Clean, clear and under control
Clearly a whole new way to look at wireless
Shop happy, leave happy
Because there’s a lot of life to absorb
Do you have the bunny inside
It’s good to be full
Built Ford tough
Real food, real life, real results
Pleasure you can’t measure
Think outside the bun
Mama’s got the magic of Clorox 2
When you’re here, your family
Always low prices, always
With a name like Smuckers, it has to be good
We never stop working for you
Lots of allergies, just one Zeitek
Dove hair care is here
The more you know
Disney: Where magic lives
Bake the very best
Drive and love
We do chicken right
Make it a Bud light
Obey your thirst
Dishwashing made for the 21st century
Like a rock!
Got milk?
Got chocolate milk?
Cross into the blue
You deserve a break today
The snack that smiles back goldfish
The flavor never fades
Live richly
A whole new way to see the world

Sunshine Soup

Samuel seems stuck snacking slugs salt snatch stop sat slinky.
Soon soak smoke succubus stumps spot.
Sara storing. Sunny sloppy supply sandals sand.
Seriously slow scene slouch sausage savor sweet soap slick stone.
Steak smolder. Sedrick sexual smorgasbord sour stank.
Shoe sleaze silver sliver slipper suede. Seven sister soldiers
See saw school social scene. Sheriff Susan summer student.
State suburbs. Stanley semen summit strawberry saints
Slipping suede shocks shirt spoon.  Stamping salsa salmon.
Shampoo sports Santa say single swab slouch.
Supernatural Samantha shells saturated spam sandwiches.
Surfaced super center. Star search stabbing. Slug solution shore stork.
Saunter surface sport skate spaghetti stunt sail Shepard scholarship salad.
Surfer skater swan. Sherlock sleuth slew sipping soup sunshine.
Shell shock Stetson stick. Slander. Skittle spank. Spunk spree star.
Short cake  speechless show solitary. Steven system slant.
Scotty stock sunflower switch. Sulk skillet sock seam.
Scan scam scrunch spool spoon. Sunday Street. Straight sizzle
Size silk self sitting smoky style. Swarm slander.
Slim slant. Salt scold scone swoon struggle scoot.
Strumpet. Struggle scramble scamper skin.
Saucer slope. Skirt slap. Sin sucker services series.
Smolder smock smack s’more. Snow stuck snuck.
Saturday Saturn sand blasts structure strict scream screen.
Seen saint soccer sock. Shame. Sabrina sestina specials.
Saskatoon Sasquatch. Several scientific season sweets.
Smithsonian slam snuff stoop sprint splinter sugar.
Sever self stupid swivel swerve.

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